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The Scott Joplin is the first Indi Pub at Niguarda and at North Milan and in general one of the first in Milan. It has been an independent Pub since 2007 and the ownership of the pub has always been our pride which allows us to choose and offer excellent beer products without having to ask anyone's permission.
In the beer world independence is the first and most important feature a "proper pub" has to have.
There are numerous styles of beer that can be tasted, each with its own characteristics and history, its essences and secrets.


Birre Scott Joplin Beer Milano


Arrosticini Scott Joplin Beer Milano


Panini Scott Joplin Beer Milano
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Today's tap list

Every week you will find a wide selection of the best Italian and European craft beers

    Scott Joplin's kitchen

    What to add ... Just read our menu to understand what you're going to meet. The realm of abundance, a veritable impact with the tastiest abruzzesity. Arrosticini imported from the countryside and made "as it should", refined raw materials and sandwiches that overflow with the desire to be eaten. As in the case of our brewing proposals, even in the kitchen, we always try to be "exaggerated" unique.

    • Porchetta semplice

      (only Porchetta (typical Italia slow roasted pork) )

    • Porchetta completa

      (with mayonese, salad and tomato)

    • Porchetta Abruzzese

      (with soft pecorino Abruzzese and dried tomatoes)

    • Vegetariano

      (pecorino cheese, mushrooms, salad and tomato)

    • Pastrami Tradizionale

      (pastrami, mustard, gherkins)

    • Pastrami semplice

      (pastrami, Bernese sauce)

    • Pastrami Primavera

      (pastrami, salad, tomatoes and mayonese)

    • "Come Godo"

      (pecorino Abruzzese PDO, Ventricina abruzzese of Cepagatti - spicy on request)

    • "A pecora"

      (with roasted taleggio onions caramelized onions, optional added of peated whiskey)

    • "Porcona"

      (for two people, sandwich with porchetta and béarnaise sauce)

    • Tagliere Formaggi Speciali

      (Abruzzese pecorino cheese, calcium heart Marcetto, Goat's Gorgonzola, Taleggio di capra)

    • Tagliere Salumi Speciali

      (Little angels and little devils in the form of sausages of delicious sweet and spicy salami, heart of ventracina Teramana, coral salami of Rosciano-Pescara)

    • Tagliere misto Salumi e Formaggi

      (As specified in the other two boards)

    • Arrosticini filetto di pecora 22 Gr.

      minimum 10pz

    • Arrosticini filetto di pecora 30 Gr.

      minimum 5pz

    • Arrosticini di fegato di pecora
      con cipolle e peperoni

      minimum 5pz

    • Spiedini di pollo allevato a terra 30 Gr.

      minimum 5pz

    • Nachos con salsa


    • Nachos con salsa e formaggio

      (sauce and cheese)

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